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Financing Made Easy

RS Cryo Provides Financing

RS Cryo Provides Financing Options Through our Trusted Third Party Lender - Providence Capitol Funding

We have made it easier than ever to get financing for your equipment needs. You can complete your applications in minutes with results in minutes. Click on the link below to get started.

About Providence Capitol Funding

Our lender CIT Group Inc. empowers small, medium and large businesses by providing equipment financing solutions. CIT is a leading national bank focused on empowering businesses and personal savers with the financial agility to navigate their goals. CIT has over 100 years experience.

Get Equipment Now

When new equipment is crucial to your business, waiting for the funds to be available isn’t always an option. With financing, you won’t have to put forth a hefty upfront payment.

Cash Reserves Available

Paying for the equipment over time with a lease means that there is no huge cash burden with your purchase. You’ll be able to keep your cash reserves clear for other expenses or a rainy day.

Possible Tax Benefits

Consult your tax professional and ask about tax benefits available through financing equipment. Results may surprise you!

Explore your options!

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