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Welcome To RS Cryo Equipment:
The Cryogenics Specialists

RS Cryo Equipment has experienced and dedicated staff who are willing to go the extra mile for their customers. We specialize in cryogenic equipment; this involves Ultra-Freeze Tunnel Freezers, Cabinet Freezers, 6/8KW Vapor Heaters as well as 18/24 CO2 pressure building Vaporizers, and our new insulated shipping containers.

Cryogenic freezing over mechanical freezing process utilizes the "wind chill" effect to increase the freeze rate for products. The high velocity gas flow created by the circulating fans, continually removes the thin insulating envelope of static gas that normally surrounds the product to be frozen. This allows the cold Nitrogen or CO2 gases to be in very close contact with the surface of food products. The rapid freeze achieved by the high velocity gas flow reduces product shrinkage and moisture loss, as well as maintaining final quality of the product.

Keeping it cold

Insulated Shipping Containers

Insulated Shipping Containers are designed for a multitude of industries including, frozen food, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical industries, dry ice, or any industry where cold temperatures must be maintained for extended periods of time.

For Professional Cryogenic Solutions, Turn to RS Cryo!

Advantages of Cryogenic Freezing Over Mechanical Freezing

The main advantage of Cryogenic Freezing over Mechanical Freezing is that they have a generally lower operating cost. The Cryogenic Freezer has much lower capitol equipment costs and lower maintenance costs. Cryogenic Freezers meet all FDA requirements. Cryogenic Freezers can reach temperatures of -180F to freeze food quickly. Mechanical Freezers can reach max low temperatures of -30F.

Advantages of Fiberglass Freezers Over Stainless Steel Freezers

The main concern with a Fiberglass outer shell is that it's not as durable as a Stainless Tunnel, but the Fiberglass outer shell is strong, sleek, & extremely durable. Fiberglass acts as a better insulater against the outside environment compared to Stainless freezers. Also, maintenance work is much less expensive and easier with a Fiberglass Freezer, as well as everyday cleaning being much easier, with no dead corners where bacteria can grow.