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1 or 3 Module

Compact Tunnel Freezer

Compact Tunnel Freezer

About the Compact Tunnel Freezer

  • Is the Ultra-freeze Tunnel Freezer too costly and / or take up too much space? The Modular Compact Tunnel Freezer is perfect for customers with smaller production rate needs or for customers who want to test out cryogenic freezing on a smaller scale.
  • Uses either Nitrogen or CO2 that sprays in the tunnel to cool or freeze the food product without affecting taste, smell, or freshness of the product.
  • Smallest footprint Tunnel Freezer you will find anywhere!
  • Conveyor Belt is on wheels and can be easily removed in our 1-module unit.
  • Fiberglass outer shell is strong, sleek, and extremely durable.
  • Drives down processing costs and time.
  • Seal in freshness and flavor, minimize dehydration by fast freezing in an inert environment.
  • Initial investment in the Compact Tunnel Freezer is much lower than a mechanical freezer. The Compact Tunnel Freezer also takes less time to deliver, install, and get up to speed.
  • Doors are designed to never freeze shut!
  • Choose between 1 or 3 modules. 3 module Compact Tunnel Freezer can have 3 tiers!
  • Starting as low as $24,112.2
  • Call RS Cryo to size your Compact Freezer

1 Tier VS 3 Tier

Food Processors also have a choice of 1 tier or 3 tier system. 1 tier sends food product from entry end to exit end, and has a product clearance height of 8.75", conveyor belt is easy to remove for cleaning in our 1-module unit. 3 tier system sends food product from entry end to exit end, takes a 3" drop, then goes from exit end back to the entry end, then one more 3" drop and back to exit end. This allows food processors to maximize time in the tunnel freezer while utilizing much less floor space. To use 3 tier system, food needs to be able to flip over and have a 3" or less clearance height.

24" wide conveyor belt.

With the Compact Freezer Food Processors can choose between using CO2 or Nitrogen gas.

* 3 tier available only with 3 module unit.

Compact Tunnel Freezer

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