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18/24KW CO2 Pressure Building Vaporizer

18/24KW CO2 Pressure Building Vaporizer Info

  • Vaporizer maintains pressure in a CO2 storage tank for vapor withdrawl and large liquid applications.
  • The design is weatherproof for outdoor installation adjacent to the storage tank
  • Outer shell is made of white PVC plastic and gel-coated fiberglass
  • 3" thick closed cell polyurethane foam with insulated cap for heater element
  • Electrical: 230/460V 3pH 60Hz with a transformer supplied 120V 1pH control circuit. Customer supplied fused disconnect required.
Electric KW Vapor Capacity Liquid Cap Amps 230V Amps 460V
18 450 lbs / Hr 8300 lbs / Hr 43.3 21.6
24 600 lbs / Hr 11,060 lbs / Hr 57.7 22.8

6/8KW Vapor Heater Info

  • The purpose of the vapor heater is to warm up CO2 Vapor coming from a low pressure bulk storage tank.
  • The vapor heater prevents damaging pressure reducing regulators caused by expansion cooling or to prevent moisture condensation on cold uninsulated process piping.
  • A Vapor Heater is installed in a zinc plated steel shell with a prewired temperature control system
  • The enclosure is weatertight and suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • 6KW = 240V 3Ph 60Hz 14.4A
  • 8KW = 480V 3Ph 60Hz 9.6A

6/8KW Vapor Heater
6/8KW Vapor Heater

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