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12, 153, 308 Cubic ft

Cabinet Freezer

Cabinet Freezers

Cabinet Freezer Basics

  • Cryogenic Cabinet Freezers are used for Discontinuous Freezing
  • Cabinet Freezer can run on Nitrogen or CO2
  • Controlled injection of cryogenic gas lowers the temp in the Cabinet Freezer as the Nitrogen or CO2 immediately evaporates.
  • Latent heat of evaporation is the main source of cooling energy
  • Fans spread Nitrogen or CO2 in the Cabinent Freezer in a controlled way & efficiently transfers the cold to the product's surface.
  • The Cabinet Freezer's outer and inner shell is a white gel-coated fiberglass
  • Insulation is 3" thick closed cell polyurethane foam & insulated door
  • Normally operator loads product on bakers rack with wheels, then pushes bakers rack into the freezer
  • Starting as low as $5,705.24

Cabinet Freezer Dimensions (W x D x H)

Cooler Internal Dimensions External Dimensions
12 CF 21.5" x 29" x 31" 39" x 42" x 40"
153 CF 59.25" x 57.25" x 78" 59.25" x 116" x 78"
308 CF 87" x 63" x 90" 87" x 148" x 90"
Cabinet Freezers

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