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1-10 Module

Ultra-Freeze Tunnel Freezer

Ultra-Freeze Tunnel Freezer

About the Ultra-Freeze Tunnel Freezer

  • With the Ultra-Freeze Tunnel Freezer, you seal in freshness and flavor everytime.
  • This is a great option if you want to quickly and efficiently cool or freeze food.
  • The three basic principles of the Ultra‐Freeze process are:
    1) The use of fans to circulate the cold gases at high velocity.
    2) Accurate control of temperature.
    3) Belt speed control to set required “time exposure”, or “tunnel dwell time”
  • The Ultra-Freeze tunnel freezer has a durable fiberglass outer shell that is strong, sleek, reliable, and extremely durable. Perfect for the food processing environment.
  • Ample doors provide complete access and easy entry to the system's interior for cleaning and maintenance. Doors are designed to never freeze shut!
  • Ultra-Freeze tunnel freezer injection system with LN2 or CO2 is automatic and adjustable. Designed with solenoid valves for greater simplicity and higher reliability.
  • New 1 module Ultrafreeze tunnel freezers starting as low as $100,276.17
  • Call RS Cryo to size your Tunnel Freezer

1 Tier VS 3 Tier

Food Processors also have a choice of 1 tier or 3 tier system. 1 tier sends food product from entry end to exit end, and has a product clearance height of 8.75". 3 tier system sends food product from entry end to exit end, takes a 3" drop, then goes from exit end back to the entry end, then one more 3" drop and back to exit end. This allows food processors to maximize time in the tunnel freezer while utilizing much less floor space. To use 3 tier system, food needs to be able to flip over and have a 3" or less clearance height.

There is also an option for 30" wide conveyor belt or 48" wide conveyor belt. The 48" wide conveyor belt has a higher price, but food processors can cover much more surface area if the belt is full of product.

With the Ultra-Freeze Tunnel Freezer Food Processors can choose between using CO2 or Nitrogen gas.

We offer new and refurbished options for the Ultra-Freeze. A new Ultra-Freeze comes with a 1 year warranty, refurbished Ultra-Freeze has a 90 day warranty.

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